Palestinian Dates sector preparing for new season at 20/08/2016    ..       Nakheel Palestine Spnsors Palestine Marathon - Bethlehem , On 1-April 2016    ..       Nakheel Palestine at Gulf Food exhibition - Dubai, from 21 - 25 February 2016    ..      Nakheel Palestine participates in ExpoHalal Spain, held in Madrid Exhibition Center on 21 October    ..          Nakheel Palestine was awarded 3 Golden stars in the International Taste award competition    .. 


Palestinian Dates

Nakheel Palestine

Nakheel Palestine for Agricultural Investment is a private limited shareholding company located on the Palestinian side of the Jordan Valley, east of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Founded in 2010 with start-up capital of $11Mio, Nakheel Palestine grew out of a strong commitment to INVEST in the advancement and professionalization of the Palestinian agricultural sector, specifically the dates sector and to introduce high quality Palestinian brands into local and international markets

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Dates have long been considered an essential part of the Islamic and Middle Eastern culinary culture and can be found in almost every home throughout the year. Out of hundreds of date varieties, Medjoul dates – also known as the King of Dates – are among the most popular, known for their spectacular size and distinguished caramel-like flavour.

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Our Products

Jericho Dates
This high value confectionary is an excellent selection of our finest Medjoul dates, with perfectly tight skin ‘SELECTED’ or slightly relaxed skin ‘CHOICE’, beautifully sorted into five different Medjoul date sizes - Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo and Super Jumbo - suitable for every preference.Read More

Barhi Dates
Mostly sold on branches in farmers markets, Barhi dates are very seasonal and are usually harvested and consumed within the months of August / September.Read More


Moon City Dates
Moon City Dates contain a selection of the standard, drier and more fibrous Medjoul date fruits that are puffy and light brown in color. Our Standard dates are sorted into two different sizes, Medium and Jumbo size dates.   Read More

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