About Nakheel Palestine

Nakheel Palestine

for Agricultural INVESTMENT is a private limited shareholding company located on the Palestinian side of the Jordan Valley, east of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Founded in 2010 with start-up capital of $11Mio, Nakheel Palestine grew out of a strong commitment to INVEST in the advancement of the Palestinian agricultural sector, specifically the date sector and to introduce high quality Palestinian brands into local and international markets. Nakheel specializes in the cultivation, packaging and export of finest quality Medjoul and Barhi dates With a current total of six date groves, comprising of 20,000 trees, stretched along an area of 3,000 Dunums (1 dunum = 1000 square meters). Nakheel Palestine provides jobs for 50 permanent e and up to 100 additional seasonal employees, focusing specifically on employing women from rural areas in the Jordan valley. In addition to growing, packing and exporting dates, Nakheel is committed to buying dates directly from small and medium size Palestinian growers in the Jordan Valley, with which we have contracted agreements prior to harvest. During the months before harvest, our staff and agricultural experts work closely with the farmers, visiting their farms on a regular basis to provide them with support and ensure optimal treatment of the crop as well as appropriate irrigation and fertilization. Alongside cultivating land, Nakheel Palestine also operates the most technologically advanced Packing House in the region. Our Packing house currently serves the post-harvest handling of Medjoul and Barhi dates, providing all services related to dates washing, drying disinfestation, grading, packaging and cool STORAGE to Palestinian farmers. Nakheel also offers consulting services on all issue related to Date Palm cultivation including site assessment, farm planning, irrigation mapping and packinghouse design and supervision.

Our vision

To remain at the forefront of leading agricultural producers and service providers and introduce highest quality Palestinian brands into local, regional and international markets.

Our mission

To continually INVEST in the advancement and professionalization of the Palestinian agricultural sector. Up to now our products have reached international markets worldwide and we are keen on increasing our present market share and successively gaining new markets. To make our products available for you to enjoy.