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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

The Dates cone from our farms in Jericho. They are transported directly from the farms to our Packing House – where they are Disinfested by heat for control of insects, processed, packed and stored.

Medjoul Dates are harvested once a year, usually in late August / early September.

Medjoul Dates are known for their big size and sweet caramel-like flavor. They need a lot of sunny days per year and thus only grow in very limited areas like the Jordan Valley and some parts of California and Africa.

Medjool Dates can be kept around 3 months at room temperature, up to 12 months at 0-4 degrees and up to two years when frozen at minus 18 degrees Celsius. Note that Medjoul Dates – if they are stored correctly in a cool and dry place – do not necessarily go bad, they tend to become dry and/or develop a coat of white sugar crystals on the surface.

Medjoul dates are available in various different sizes and categories, ranging from Small to Super Jumbo and from drier with tight skin to softer with a lighter color and more loose skin.

Skin separation refers to the amount of air between the ‘fruit meat’ and the skin of the Date. Depending on the skin separation, shape and moisture dates are graded into different categories

Packaging and storage

Our products are sold under the Brand Names – Jericho Dates SELECT, Jericho Dates, Moon City Dates and Dessert Pearl and are available in different packages: 250g, 500g, 200g, 1kg, and 5kg

Our Products are stored at a temperature of Minus 18 Degrees Celsius with a total storage capacity of 2400 MT.


The minimum quantity order to ship via sea fright is full 20Ft container which is between (6-9 MT) depending on the package configuration or a 40ft container (16 – 20MT) if no 20ft equipment are available to the port of destination (see Q12 for more details)

For air freight, there is no MOQ.

We begin processing the order right after we receive the signed pro forma invoice and confirmation of the payment. The order then takes one week to 3 weeks to be be prepared and packed for shipping (depending on the quantities and packaging). The product can be expected to arrive up to 48 days after Sailing, depending on the destination (up to 21 days to Europe).

Sea fright:

Our products can be shipped to any place around the world. They are shipped in Reefer 20 ft (up to 9MT ) or 40 ft (up to 20 MT) containers, either through Ashdod/Haifa Port or through Jordan (Aqaba Port).

Air freight:

Air freight can be through Tel aviv – ben gurion airport or through Jordan – Alia Queen airport.

The pallet loading capacity based on the package configurations as the follows:

  • 5kg package, 200 units with total net weight 1000 kg.
  • 1kg package, 960 units with total net weight 960 kg.
  • 500g package, 1680 units with total net weight 840 Kg. (rectangular package).
  • 250g package, 2880 units with total net weight 720 kg. (Triangle package).
  • 500g package, 1800 units with total net weight 900 kg (Square package).
  • 250g package, 3360 units with total net weight 840 kg (rectangular Package).
  • 700g package, 1440 units with total net weight 1008 kg.

For sea freight, we use wooden pallets. The pallet dimensions are: 1.00 X 1.20 X 33cm, with a pallet gross weight of 16kg. If you are aiming to ship via airfreight (Plastic pallet), the pallet size will be: 1.00 X 1.20 X 33cm, with gross weight of 6kg.

We have the Global Gap certificate for both our farms and the Packing House in addition to the Palestinian certificate for Excellence the ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and Halal Certificate.

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