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Shipping info

After only five years of operation, Nakheel Palestine’s medjoul dates have reached markets all over the world. Our products can be shipped to any designated location either overland, by air or by sea. While all air shipments leave from Amman or Ben Gurion airport to reach yours, shipment by sea is carried out in Reefer containers at minus 18 degrees Celsius, leaving either from Haifa or Ashdod port, depending on the time of delivery and final destination. A 20ft container typically takes a quantity of up to 9 MT while a 40ft container takes up to 20MT. The quantity per container depends on the variety of packaging configirations and the pallet height requirements of the importing country. Each consignment is supported with the necessary official documents, including the Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of origin, Phytosanitary Certificate and any additional country-specific document requirements if specifically requested.

Shipment can be done either by one of our regular shipping partners or by any other shipping company desired by our clients. Products are quoted either on EX-works or CFR Basis. CFR quotations indicate that the seller – Nakheel Palestine- will take complete responsibility for moving the container from our Packing House yard in Jericho up to the departure port and from there to the designated port at the final destination, whereas EX-works requires that the buyer will take responsibility for moving the products to the final destination. Due to the unavailability of Palestinian ports, the containers must be moved from Israeli ports to our Packing House yard for loading and back to the to departure port, which requires additional time, cost and limits our ability to quote FOB. Nakheel Palestine commits to making every effort needed to deliver the products whereever you are, at best conditions and in time.

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